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Out and Proud

Official shop of the Stonewall Group. You will find there rainbow gadgets, flags, and other products for people who want to “flaunt” them a bit.

Poznań Pride Week

Poznań Pride Week is the second biggest LGBT+ event in Poland after the Warsaw Equality Parade.

Hostel Stonewall

Friendly accommodation in Poznań!

Mieszkanie wspomagane

Mieszkanie dla osób LGBT+ w kryzysie bezdomności

Aktywni Obywatele

Check out how we are spending € 67,500 from the EEA Grants!

Lokum Stonewall

Official Stonewall Group drink bar located at Półwiejska 28 in Poznań.

Stonewall TV

Every week we publish there content about sex education from the LGBT+ perspective.

Uniwersytet Stonewall

The latest video series on our YouTube channel about the history of the LGBT+ community.

Podcasty Stonewall

A series of podcasts produced by us where we talk about various topics connected with the LGBT+ culture and community.

Poznań w kolorach tęczy

Bezpłatna publikacja o życiu osób LGBT+ w stolicy Wielkopolski

Akademia Równości

Summer Equality Academy is a project the Stonewall Group association co-runs with the Sprite brand.