Lokum Stonewall

Lokum Stonewall

Official Stonewall Group drink bar located at Fredry 7 in Poznań.

New Lokum Stonewall

Official drink bar bearing the logo of the Stonewall Group Association. A place for meetings and events of a socio-cultural nature. Established in 2019, it quickly became one of the most important points on the rainbow map of Poznań. Visited by crowds every day, it is also an obligatory stop on the route of many tourists.

The mission of LOKUM Stonewall is integration, animation and direct educational impact on the surrounding reality. This is helped by the location of the bar on Fredry Street. In cooperation with the Poznań City Hall and the implementation of projects such as the Queer Community Center, we care for the development of the culture of the LGBT+ community.

Lokum Stonewall - Twoja Stara

The most important event in the LOKUM Stonewall calendar is the annual Poznań Pride Week festival held at the turn of June and July, when it becomes a festival club for thousands of people coming to Poznań. It is in front of the LOKUM that the second largest equality parade in Poland passes. It is here that the pre-march “SOHO” street event takes place and the protests of the Poznań LGBT+ community on important social issues take place.

In the summer season, there is also an atmospheric garden next to the premises. Part of the income of the premises supports the statutory activities of the Stonewall Group Association.

Big Lokum

3 levels and a large, internal, covered garden. The music club operated under the name of the Stonewall Group, located on the same street as the drink bar of the association, is its complement and a brotherly project.

The club was founded in July 2021. Operating five days a week, it creates a safe space for party people and a stage for queer artists and artists who can be found here at every turn. On the BERLIN stage (level +1) you can admire and applaud drag queens, drag kings, people dealing with burlesque, voguing and other queer-related arts. So far, nearly 160 performers and performers from Poland and abroad have performed with us.

Poznan Lokum Stonewall