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Stonewall TV is the name of the YouTube channel run by our association. Every week we publish there content about sex education from the LGBT+ perspective.

The channel was created in May 2019 in response to the announced changes to sex education in Polish schools. Properly done sex education has never existed in our country. Classes on the “family life education” have been under heavy influence of the Catholic religion and do not provide comprehensive information about the numerous aspects of human sexuality.

In particular, this affects young LGBT+ people who seek information about non-heteronormative issues outside of school. In Poland, there is a lack of reliable sources of information about sexual orientation and gender identity. This facilitates the feeling of alienation and hostility towards minorities, which is prevalent in Polish schools.

Stonewall TV features talks from experts on sexology, psychology, and psychiatry. Their perspective is supplemented by people speaking from their personal experiences.

In Stonewall TV, we are not scared of any topics. Among the most popular videos on the channel, there are those about douching before anal sex, safe pregnancy termination, dating trans people, sex toys for women, and first time in sex between men. Apart from these, there are videos about informed sexual consent, open relationships, sexual health, sexually transmitted diseases, communicating during sex, hair removal, coming out later in life, sexuality of people with disabilities, and many other topics!