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Bezpłatna pomoc psychologiczna

Support for individuals

Do you need support? Come to free individual psychological consultations offered by the Stonewall Group

  • Our help is intended for LGBT+ people who are 16 or older and other people, as long as the matter is related to the LGBT+ issues. For instance, our consultations are for an LGBT+ person who experiences depressive episodes, problems in a relationship, or lack of acceptance from the environment, but also for a non-LGBT+ person who would like to talk about someone from their environment or about doubts about their own orientation or gender identity
  • We do not provide therapy. The consultations are intended for recognising the experienced difficulty and support in the process of seeking further help
  • Consultations are held in person or online. We can provide consultations in English. To set up a meeting, contact us by e-mail: [email protected]


We also provide help in the form of seven support groups:

  • group for young people
  • group for trans and nonbinary people
  • group for parents and families of LGBT+ people
  • group for non-heteronormative women over 40
  • group for bisexual people
  • group for people preparing for a coming out

Unfortunately, currently these groups are exclusively in Polish.