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The Stonewall Podcasts is a series of podcasts produced by us where we talk about various topics connected with the LGBT+ culture and community. The podcasts are hosted by cultural journalist Mike Urbaniak.

So far our podcasts have featured such guests as: theatre director Wiktor Bagiński, activist from Poznań Paulina Kuntze, the Stonewall Group President Mateusz Sulwiński, photographer Maciej Krajewski, as well as philosopher and feminist Jolanta Prochowicz. We also talked with Professor Waldemar Kuligowski, anthropologist and author of the book “Trzecia płeć świata” (“Third Gender of the World”). The magazine “Polityka” deemed the book to be a mandatory prescription for homophobes and transphobes.

Mike Urbaniak is a cultural journalist and theatre critic. He worked for the newsmagazine “Przekrój” and the Polish Radio. Currently, he works for “Gazeta Wyborcza”. He has interviewed a few hundred of the most prominent Polish cultural figures. For ten year now he has mostly been a part of the theatre scene: he worked in Teatr Rozmaitości and Nowy Teatr in Warsaw, was a juror at the Festiwal Prapremier (Festival of Prepremieres) in Bydgoszcz, a member of the Artistic Committee of “Konkurs na Wystawienie Polskiej Sztuki Współczesnej” (“Contest for Exhibiting Polish Contemporary Art”), a curator of a series of plays “Przepisy domowe” (“Rewritten at home”) at the Jewish Theatre, and the host of a series of meetings with the most outstanding actors of Polish stages entitled “Moja historia” (“My story”) at the Theatre Institute.

Having been commissioned by Teatr Polski in Poznań, Mike also interviewed all the actors from that theatre. In 2017, he translated into Polish a new performative reading of Larry Kramer’s drama “The Normal Heart” and directed it in Poznań . He wrote and directed the play “Michaś” about Professor Michał Głowiński.

A new episode of the Stonewall Podcasts is uploaded at least once a month.