For business

Our offer for business

We provide effective training for employees and management, HR, as well as advise and share best practices in the form of recurring networking meetings.

We also provide opportunities for employee volunteering in the activities of the Stonewall Group.

Our offer for business

Our training services are tailored to individual needs – we establish the exact scope of topics with each client individually, tailoring the content and form of the workshop to the needs of the participants and the company. We offer both one-time training sessions and cyclical workshops as well as comprehensive implementations of D&I training and development programmes. Training sessions are led by people with experience in anti-discrimination and equality training.

  • Diversity in business – beneficial for employers and employees
  • Equality and anti-discrimination training for employees
  • Diversity management in organisations – training for managers
  • LGBT+ allyship in the workplace – how to create a friendly and inclusive work environment for everyone

Why is it worth investing in developing Diversity & Inclusion competences for employees?

  • Inclusive work environment increases engagement and motivation in employees and facilitates talent acquisition and retention
  • Diversity in knowledge, skills, and experiences among employees enables transcending patterns of thinking, routine actions and procedures, as well as helps creating innovative solutions
  • Satisfied employees create a positive image of a company for future employees, clients, business partners, and other groups of interest
  • A diverse team enables to better understand the expectations of various groups, thus helping the company to meet them
  • Equal treatment and combating any forms of discrimination also reduces the cost of staff turnover and employee absenteeism

We look forward to working with you

Each cooperation starts with an analysis of what the Client needs – this allows us to customise our offer to the needs of the company and its employees.

Currently, most of what we do happens online via zoom® and other platforms. Availability of in-person training sessions is currently dependent on the epidemic status in Poland.

We conduct training both in Polish and English.

Do you need training tailored to your needs and customised to your company? Let us know!

Webinars and lectures

We organise Diversity & Inclusion lectures and webinars. These could be a perfect supplement for training and development programmes, an opportunity to explore topics of particular interest connected with diversity management or counteracting discrimination and a chance to start an interesting dialogue. We organise one-time lectures and cyclical meetings.

  • Inclusive language – what it is and how to use it
  • Coming out and its various aspects
  • Legal situation of LGBT+ people in Poland

Counselling and consulting

We provide counselling and consulting connected to Diversity & Inclusion activities in companies – support in activities connected with diversity management and creating inclusive work environments.

Activities in this regard include specialised consultations for ongoing and/or planned company initiatives, counselling and recommendations about good practices regarding equality and counteracting discrimination, as well as coaching for managers and people shaping the personnel policies of the company.

Diversity & Inclusion audit

A comprehensive tool which:

  • helps to determine the current status of a company in terms of D&I both through analysing hard data and documents as well as how company employees perceive it
  • determines D&I good practices in a given company and indicates areas for improvement by recommending specific implementation actions
  • indicates which D&I activities influence business goals and company priorities