Who is training?

One of the priority elements of our activity is sharing knowledge on how to fight discrimination and inequality. Among us there are experienced lecturers and lecturers who talk about such selected issues in an accessible and clear way.

Anna Adamowicz (she/her)

Diversity & Inclusion trainer. Actively works for LGBT + people in the Stonewall Group, and by sitting on the board of the Association, he contributes to the organization’s vision. As a trainer, she deals with education and expert support in the field of diversity, but focuses mainly on topics related to the presence of LGBT+ people in public spaces and at workplaces. Since 2018, he has been conducting training courses in diversity management in Poznań-based companies. He works in IT on a daily basis, managing products and projects.

Marta Megger (she/her)

Training coordinator, Diversity & Inclusion trainer. Manager, business trainer, Design Thinking process moderator and certified Gallup talent coach. As a manager, she has experience in everyday business and team management, as well as in creating and implementing long-term development strategies and business plans. As a trainer and talent coach, Gallup specializes in the development of individuals and teams based on their strengths, supports the building of diverse teams and inclusive workplaces, and helps to release creativity and create innovation by moderating DT processes. In the Stonewall Group, she coordinates training and educational projects as well as conducts workshops on diversity and anti-discrimination, focusing mainly on topics related to alliance and inclusive language.

Jarosław Skupiński (he/his)

Diverisity & Inclusion trainer. Professionally associated with the HR area, currently works as an HR Director in an international organization. He works with the general director and leaders, providing coaching and consulting in the area of HR. It supports the building of an organizational culture based on trust and open communication at all levels in the new organization in order to strengthen cooperation, respect for all, as well as diversity and inclusion. He also deals with coaching and training for line managers. Involved in running the Inclusion & Diversity Council – an advisory team at the company’s management board in Poland. He graduated from psychology and postgraduate studies in sexology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and HR Management at WSB. In the course of obtaining the ACC ICF certificate. At the Stonewall Group, he conducts training and business consultations for companies in the field of implementing Inclusion & Diversity strategies.