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The monodrama “Michas”, dedicated to professor Michal Glowinski, an outstaniding polish literary scholar is being produced. But literature isn’t the play’s main subject, in fact it’s revolving around complicated identity of the professor, who was a jewish Holocaust survivor and also a gay man. The premiere is scheduled for spring. “Michas” is supposed to be the first part out of the triptych about three figures that were conncted with homosexual identity and experienced WWII. We’ll reveal the other two at appropriate time. Stonewal Group is the first LGBT+ organization in Poland that is involved in the production of a repertoire spectacle in colaboration with a public theatre. Teatr Ósmego Dnia is the show’s co-producer, while the whole project is co-financed by the City of Poznan. Our work upon this play wouldn’t have been possible without individual doners: Aleksander Łusiarczyk, Dominik Małolepszy, Jakub Mróz, Eryk Matuszkiewicz, Tomasz Juńczyk, Tomasz Rojewski, Darek Baranowski and Piotr Korduba. Our other sponsors are, Massimiliano Ferre and Papavero restaurants. A big thank you to all!
Both author and director of the play, Mike Urbaniak, has also constructed a performative reading of Larry Kramer’s play “The Normal Heart”, translated by him into Polish, during Poznan Pride Week 2018. The role of Michał Głowiński is going to be played by a very well-known for Poznan’s audiences actor, Piotr Nerlewski. The producer’s crew is also made of: Aleksandr Prowaliński (scenography and lights), Konrad Parol (costumes), Robert Wasiewicz (choreography), Daniel Pigoński (music) and Wojtek Kaniewski (video). The producer of the play is Pawel Skrodzki.