who we are

The Stonewall Group was founded on the 22nd of May, 2015
We are an LGBT+ organization working in the Greater Poland region. Our work includes education, support, culture and integration. 
Our association unites people, who unanimously support postulates of equality of same-sex couples and fight violence and discrimination. We actively indulge in a range of initiatives, that help to fight for human rights. 

how do we operate

We organize the Poznan Pride Week festival and the Equality March in Poznan.

We build a friendly environment integrating LGBT+ people and our allies.

We make the postulates of LGBT+ community visible both city- and nationwide.

We care about the representation of LGBT+ community in culture. We cooperate with public theatres and we produce plays.

We share dependeble and proven knowledge. We conduct anti-discriminatory and equality trainigs.

We provide both legal and psychological help. We surround LGBT+ persons and their loved ones with support.

support us

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