Main Board

Arek Kluk (him, his)

Urban social activist, producer of events and activist with 7 years of experience. Founder and president of the Stonewall Group Association in 2015-2019 and again from 2022. The organizer of the 6th edition of the Poznań Pride Week festival, whose original and unconventional nature for Polish conditions, instilled new energy in the national LGBT+ movement. The originator of the Out & Proud shop belonging to the Association and the Stonewall Hostel. In 2018, a candidate for the Poznań City Council on behalf of the Social Coalition Right to the City. Former Spring activist involved in co-creating the campaign in the elections to the European Parliament. Currently, he is also the manager of the Małe LOKUM Stonewall club and cafe and the Duże LOKUM Stonewall club, which integrate the Poznań LGBT+ community, support local queer artists and contribute to the implementation of the statutory tasks of the Association.

Sue Bartel (she, her)

A pansexual activist whose main interests are in the area of ​​human rights, not only in relation to the LGBT+ community, but also in the field of gender equality. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science at the University of A. Mickiewicz in Poznań. Co-organizer and host of many Poznań Pride Week events, as well as pre-march picnics and platforms at the Equality March. Volunteer coordinator during two editions of Poznań Pride Week. As part of her activity in the Stonewall Group, she represented the Association both in the media and during public appearances at numerous protests, demonstrations and solidarity demonstrations. She participated in many street actions of the Stonewall Group, as well as in the Sprite Summer Equality Academy. She took part in debates and panels on topics related to the LGBT+ community, incl. during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Lambda Warszawa organization, or the panel on abortion, organized by the Polish Women’s Strike. She co-founded Lokum Stonewall, and currently takes care of Hostel Stonewall. He is also professionally involved in characterization and cooperates in this area with, among others, with the Polish Theater in Poznań.

Paweł Skrodzki (him, his)

Legal advisor, entrepreneur, academic teacher, social activist, member of the management board of the Stonewall Group. He graduated in law (2008) and international relations (2005) at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Since 2013, he has been practicing as a legal advisor in his own law firm. He specializes in public procurement law, state aid law, and European funds law. His clients include public finance sector entities (mainly local government units), local government cultural institutions, commercial law companies, and non-governmental organizations. From 2006, he created, settled, managed and legally serviced several dozen projects co-financed from European funds with a total value of several hundred million zlotys. As a teacher and trainer, he conducted several thousand hours of classes in the field of public procurement law, European funds, public aid law, public finance, copyright law, and others. He is involved in social activities for LGBT + people. In 2006, he founded and developed a branch of the Campaign Against Homophobia in Toruń. In 2015, he was the co-founder and founder of the Stonewall Group Association.

Mateusz Kaczmarek-Brzozowski (him, his)

Activist, programmer and entrepreneur. He studied Computer Science at the Poznań University of Technology. For 10 years he has been involved in the integration and computerization of business, accounting, logistics and sales processes. His interests are mainly public transport and urban planning. As a hobby, he creates and develops mobile applications. He has been associated with the Stonewall Group since 2017. From 2019, a member, and from 2020, the Chairman of the Audit Committee. He was elected to the Board of the Association in 2022.

Mateusz Sulwiński (him, his)

President of the association in 2019-2022. He studied international relations and journalism at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. He gained professional experience in PR agencies, he cooperated with brands such as Cartoon Network, TNT and PKO Bank Polski. He worked on the handling of Allegro social channels, the largest online transactional platform in Poland. In early 2020, he left the company to focus on working for the Stonewall Group. Currently, he is involved in internet marketing, organizing psychological help for LGBT+ people, contact with the media and special projects. In his spare time, he plays computer games and visits second-hand shops in search of vintage gems.