Support for individuals

Support for individuals

Do you need support? Come to free individual psychological consultations offered by the Stonewall Group


Our help is intended for LGBT+ people who are 16 or older and other people, as long as the matter is related to the LGBT+ issues. For instance, our consultations are for an LGBT+ person who experiences depressive episodes, problems in a relationship, or lack of acceptance from the environment, but also for a non-LGBT+ person who would like to talk about someone from their environment or about doubts about their own orientation or gender identity.

We do not provide therapy. The consultations are intended for recognising the experienced difficulty and support in the process of seeking further help.

Consultations are held in person or online. We can provide consultations in English. To set up a meeting, contact us by e-mail:

Who is supporting?

Zofia Czerwińska

Psychologist (specialist psychotherapy of mental disorders, clinical sexology), Certified Specialist in Addiction Psychotherapy (certificate No. SP / 1646/2019), psychotherapist during training at the Greater Poland School of Gestalt Psychotherapy. He runs a private psychotherapeutic practice in Poznań and works at the Monar Clinic. At Stonewall, he gives psychological consultations and co-leads the Hangar and Restart groups. At work, the most important thing for her is authenticity and trust, she makes sure that the conversation is accompanied by an atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance, she follows the principles of the Psychologist’s Professional Code of Ethics. He controls the quality of his work by regularly attending team and individual supervision.

Pixie Frączek

A Gestalt therapist, graduated from the Gestalt Counseling Center in Krakow, currently developing her workshop and skills during a year-long training at London’s Pink Therapy, an institution training therapists supporting non-heteronormative, transgender people and, regardless of psychosexual identity, people from the GSRD group (gender, sexual, relationship diversities) . In addition to therapeutic cooperation with the Stonewall Group, she supports people involved in sexworking in the Sex Work Polska organization. From January 2022, he will formally be an advisor in the field of HIV and AIDS peri-test counseling. In the Stonewall Group she leads the group Bi the Way, Parents around the Rainbow, initiator of the group for non-hetero 40+ women.