Active citizens fund

Active citizens fund

Check out how we are spending € 67,500 from the EEA Grants!

Active citizens fund

The Active Citizens – National Fund program is a support program for social organizations financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, i.e. the EEA Funds. The aim of the program is to strengthen civil society, civic activity and empowerment of groups at risk of exclusion.

Program Aktywni Obywatele

The Stonewall Group participated in the first thematic competition and received a grant of € 67,500 for psychological and legal support to the LGBT+ community. This money will help us in three ways.

First of all – we finance psychological help for LGBT + people and their families for them. Thanks to the funds, we can offer you:

  • individual psychological consultations,
  • participation in the HANGAR group for young people,
  • participation in a group for transgender and non-binary people KOKON,
  • participation in a group for parents and families of LGBT+ people.

All information about the forms of assistance we offer can be found in the “SUPPORT” page.

Second, we can offer you free legal consultations. Help may be granted to natural persons belonging to the LGBT+ community who experience problems in the legal sphere related to their non-heteronormativity. In order to use them, please contact us by e-mail and describe the case with which you are referring to us. In response, our lawyer will inform you whether we are able to help and what the next steps will look like in a given situation.

Aktywni Obywatele - program

Thirdly, the funds from the Active Citizens fundprogram allow us to finance one job for a person permanently employed in the association. Thanks to this, we can continue to professionalize and develop.