Poznań in the colors of the rainbow

Poznań in the colors of the rainbow

A free publication about the life of LGBT + people in the capital of Greater Poland

Poznań in the colors of the rainbow

“Poznań in the colors of the rainbow” is a free publication prepared by the Stonewall Group with the support of the City of Poznań. It is a collection of texts about various aspects of LGBT+ life in this city, both historically and today. You will find seven chapters on topics such as:

  • coming out of Poznań residents and Poznań women,
  • gay life in Poznań and the People’s Republic of Poland,
  • queer culture in Poznań (mainly theater and opera),
  • LGBT+ people from Ukraine living in Poznań,
  • the life of a rainbow family in Poznań,
  • sex in Poznań yesterday and today.

The authors of the texts are Mike Urbaniak, Bartosz Żurawiecki and Jędrzej Burszta.

Poznań Pride Week

“In Poznań, the most popular picket was the toilet located under the Kaponiera roundabout, through which it was impossible to” fly through “in the evening or late at night. As in other cities, homosexuals also “picketed” on the premises of the Main Railway Station, especially on its outskirts, in the vicinity of the West Station, and in toilets located by the porches. It was similar with the Old Market Square – near the Town Hall, there was a picket in the municipal chalet “down the stairs”, in which one of my interlocutors once encountered the “greedy eyes” of an extremely popular singer at that time. Other locations of Poznań pickets include Plac Wielkopolski or a restaurant at the Hotel Merkury (formerly Orbis Merkury), where you could pick up guests coming to the Poznań International Fair. “

Co-financed by the budget of the City of Poznań